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The project aims to make students know the wonderful places in the country they come from. With the help of teachers, they will make a virtual tour of their geographical areas and Europe. They will learn about the historical past of the European countries participating in the project, they will develop models that include geographic areas in the country and in Europe, they will sing the anthem of Europe. On summer holidays, teachers gather and upload photos to the project pages.


- Discovering the geographical areas of the participating countries
- Knowledge of important historical objectives in the countries participating in the project
- Make an exchange of experience between students and teacher
-Stimulation of creativity, imagination and communication
-Sensitizing children to keep their traditions



The project is an exchange of experience between students and teachers of the participating countries. During summer holidays, teachers collect images with geographic locations from within the country and post them on the project pages. In autumn, when school begins, these images are presented to students and integrated into classroom activities. Students will make models for their country, draw designs, and intone the anthem of Europe.


Developing collaborative relationships and exchanging positive experiences between teachers and student groupsEncourage, educate and involve children in attractive extracurricular activities;Developing personality and diminishing student differencesKnowing the tourist destinations in the country and in Europe.

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