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STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) is an interdisciplinary approach to learning, that enables students to discover how the real-world works, through inquiry and enhances their critical thinking and creative thinking skills. In this project we are going to apply the principles of STEAM education to study the topic of sound and music.

The general objectives of the project are the students to:
1) Discover the science of sound and music.
2) Realize the connection of science to everyday life.
3) Enrich their experiences by getting in touch with students from other countries, their language and their culture.
4) Express their creativity through art.
5) Enhance their collaborative and communication skills.
6) Improve their practical skills through hands-on activities.

Work procedure:
1) Exchange of ideas and planning,
2) Realization of the activities at school,
3) Sharing photos/videos/presentations of the work done,
5) Creation of the common results of the project,
6) Evaluation of the project/

Main activities:
1) Introduction of students/school/city,
2) Creation of a logo for the project,
3) Sharing of traditional songs and dances of each country,
4) Experiments about sound,
5) Construction of musical instruments using simple materials,
6) Music games,
7) Creation of a cooperative song,
8) Video conference, 
9) Evaluation of the project

There will be frequent communication between the partners and everyone will be able to share their ideas.

The final products of the project will include the presentations and videos of the activities, as well as e-books with the instructions of the experiments, the musical instruments construction etc. 

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